Info from other sources

Review of the Coastal Ferry Act – January 2012
The BC Ferry Commission reviewed the Coastal Ferry Act to look for a better balance between the needs of ferry users and the sustainability of BC Ferries. It consulted widely in communities on the coast, received written submissions, commissioned technical studies, and made 31 recommendations to improve the system.

Report on Review of Transportation Governance Models – October 2009
The Comptroller General reviewed BC Ferries’ governance, and found that BC Ferries was a well-run company, but needed a more accountable board. The review led to changes in the boards at the BC Ferry Authority and BC Ferries.

Auditor General review of the transformation of BC Ferries – December 2006
The Auditor General assessed the new ferry structure, and mostly noted questions still unanswered.

Review of the annual federal ferry grant – June 2005
Ottawa’s review of its annual contribution to BC’s coastal ferries. The grant started in the 1970s, when BC said ferries are part of the highway system, and need comparable funding.

Announcement of new ferry system – December 2002
New Ferries Model Means Better Service, More Jobs, Stable Rates – News release from the BC government announcing a new, restructured coastal ferry system.
BC Ferries Restructuring – Backgrounder outlining the government’s goals for the new ferry system.

Wright report – December 2001
This review, commissioned by the BC government, laid the ground for transforming the old Crown corporation into a new form.