Bowen Island Ferry Advisory Committee

Bowen Island Ferry Advisory Committee is a sub-committee of Bowen Island Municipality Transportation Advisory Committee (BIMTAC) representing the interests of ferry users on the following BC Ferries route:

  • Route 8 : Horseshoe Bay – Bowen Island : MV Queen of Capilano

Queen of Capilano



BC Ferries   Bowen Island FAC Information Page


FAC members

The members of the Ferry Advisory Committee are as follows:

  • Susanna Braund  (Chair)  [Vice Chair of BIMTAC]
  • Johnathan Bell (Vice Chair)
  • Adam Holbrook   [Chair of BIMTAC]
  • Kevin Jones  [member of BIMTAC]
  • Councillor Melanie Mason   [member of BIMTAC]
  • Councillor Alison Morse  [member of BIMTAC]

BC Ferries representatives

  • Darin Guenette (Manager, Public Affairs)
  • Captain Lance Lomax (Marine Superintendent)

BIMTAC is seeking further FAC members in order to achieve the widest possible representation of different interest groups in the community. The call for further nominations closes on October 31 2015. With those additional members in place, the positions of chair and vice chair will be reconsidered in January, in accordance with BIM procedures for all committees and sub-committees.