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Latest trends in ferry trafficFerry traffic change

Fiscal 2015 compared to Fiscal 2014.


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Who pays for coastal ferry services?Revenues

BC Ferries cumulative revenues since the start of the new ferry structure in 2003.
Ferry users: $5.49 billion since 2003 (78%)
Provincial goverment to BC Ferries: $1.25 billion since 2003 (18%)
Federal government: $0.29 billion since 2003 (4%)       Provincial government support to social program beneficiaries: $0.23 billion since 2003

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Government funding, then and now

 provincial funding

Sources: BC Ferries, BC Ferry Commission, Ministry of Transportation


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Fare Increases

Attachment 1

Passenger fare increases since 2003


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Lower fares boost traffic
traffic increase

Over-height fare premium removed in FY2011, resulting in 40% fare reductions for over-height vehicles and resultant traffic growth.  Traffic will respond at the right price point. 

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System traffic changes since 2003passengers

Note the comparison to what a modest 1% traffic increase would have been.  Vehicle traffic suffered similar declines.  Northern routes experienced a 31% decline. 

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Discretionary and non-discretionary traffic trendsattachment 4

Minor route traffic trends comparing e-fare and cash-fare traffic 

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Minor route traffic trendsattachment 3

Minor route traffic volume reductions since 2004


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