FACC backgrounders

Coastal ferries: An unnecessary crisis – October 2013
Submission of the FACC to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, for the BC Budget 2014 Consultation.

Ferry governance: A matter of ideology – October 2011
Submission of the FACC to the BC Ferry Commission review of the Coastal Ferry Act.

Ferry fares: Problem, impacts, solutions – May 2011
Summary of the ferry fare situation for a meeting with Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom.

Ominous clouds – November 2010
Summary of critical issues and data for PT3, the third term of the the contract between BC Ferries and the BC government.

Community impacts of escalating ferry fares – November 2010
Impact of fare escalation on families, workforce, economies, part-time residents and tourists, with examples from residents and businesses.

BC Ferries governance: Submission to Comptroller General – August 2009
FACC submission to the Comptroller General’s review of the governance of Translink and BC Ferries.

What do you get for twenty million dollars? – March 2009
Results of a provincial pilot project, a one-time injection of money to temporarily drop ferry fares. The goal was to see if lower fares would increase ridership. They did.

Toward a minor route strategy
Stratminor: Fuel and infrastructure – June 2008
Stratminor: Elements of a strategy and other considerations – September 2008
The FACC believes there needs to be a strategy for the minor routes. This would fill in two holes in current public policy: provincial goals for coastal ferries, and a way to achieve those goals. These documents are the FACC’s suggestions for starting a strategy.

Road equivalent tariffs (RET) : Another approach – March 2008
Summary of approach to fares by two public ferry systems (Scotland and Newfoundland). They assume ferries are highway extensions, and use equivalent costs as a guide for fares. It happens to result in fare rollbacks.